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The  easiest way to have your web site in a few minutes. Using Web Builder just select your template, customize and publish.

Squirrel hosting
5,90€ /month
Ideal web hosting service for the small businesses and the personal websites.
Easy Web builder (max. 1 site)
Hundreds of templates to create own site
2 mailboxes
2 FTP accounts
(.com, .net, .eu, .info, .org, .name, .mobi, .es)
If you need help, just ask
Moose hosting
The high quality level web hosting service for professionals
Easy Web builder (max. 20 sites)
Hundreds of templates to create own site
20 mailboxes
20 FTP accounts
(.com, .net, .eu, .info, .org, .name, .mobi, .es)
If you need help, just ask

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I've never had a website before for my small business, because I can't invest much money on this. With Do Your Pages creating of website is very simple,

- Mouse Graham
  • Fox main product


    We recommend you Fox hosting service, because it suits well for the common use. It includes 10 mailboxes and amazing Web builder, which helps you to setup 2 different websites in a few minutes.

    This service has the best quality-price relationship.

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    Our goal is to create innovative and easy-to-use solutions to create web site ... that is reliable, budget-friendly, easy-to-use and customer service -oriented.





SSL certificates: are an essential protection measure for any website or web-application. If you have an online shop, or a website that receives sensitive data from it’s customers then you should also have a SSL certificate installed. SSL certificates ensure that any sensitive data that is transferred between your customer and your web server is secure.

Some examples of our website templates:

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We support the following solutions (over 400 applications available):

MySql Joomla Linux Magento Drupal Apache Wordpress


S5 Box


S5 Register

You need to enable user registration from User Manager/Options in the backend of Joomla before this module will activate.